The New Mexico Ministry Network is here to motivate, educate, and be a resource for healthy churches and healthy ministers in New Mexico. It is a Network of nearly 100 churches, 250 ministers, and over 14,000 members intent on bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to a dying world.


School of Ministry

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What is New Mexico School of Ministry (NMSOM)? 

The New Mexico Ministry Network is pleased to provide its School of Ministry.  NMSOM is open to aspiring ministers and lay persons alike.  It provides a convenient and accessible opportunity for Biblical and ministerial training. 

NMSOM is a Network-sponsored and Network-operated ministerial training program that enables individuals to complete the educational requirements of the Assemblies of God for credentialing. 

NMSOM uniquely combines home study, classroom instruction, student/mentor relationships, and active involvement in ministry to establish his/her ministerial formation. 

NMSOM seeks to provide the student with the highest quality instruction and resources possible in a practical and cost-effective way. 

NMSOM gives educational direction, sets an atmosphere for the impartation of Spirit, and guides the student’s spiritual development to equip him/her for effective, full-time ministry. 

NMSOM is a member of the Association of District Schools of Ministry.  Membership in this association gives NMSOM status equal to the Berean School of the Bible throughout the Assemblies of God Fellowship. 

I hope you will consider registering as a NMSOM student. Our goal is to provide you with an engaging and stimulating learning experience that leads to a lifetime of productive ministry.


Please come join the journey! 

Marcus W. McClain 

Director, NMSOM